The Tax War Between Amazon and Trump Continues

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President Trump has made it known that he’s no fan of Amazon, one of America’s biggest retailers. While he has expressed his disdain for Amazon in the past before he was elected President, his dislike of the company recently made headlines when he bashed them on twitter. The President’s main complaints about Amazon seem to be [...]

IRS Warns Tax Payers About Tax Refund Delays

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If you’re thinking of claiming— or have already claimed— the Earned Income Tax Credit or the Additional Child Credit, the IRS wants to make sure you know your tax refund will be delayed. This year, the IRS has released several notices reminding taxpayers that their refunds will be delayed if they claim these credits. The IRS [...]

IRS Urges Travelers Requiring Passports to Pay Their Back Taxes or Enter Into Payment Agreements

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A few weeks ago, the IRS put out an official news release urging travelers requiring passports to pay their back taxes or enter into payment agreements. And the reason behind this notice? A new procedure that could put your passport at risk if you owe back taxes. This new procedure comes from the provisions within the [...]

Donald Trump’s Tax Reform on Estate and Gift Taxes

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The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that passed in December made some major changes to laws surrounding federal estate and gift taxing— changes that might turn out to be great news for those concerned about their legacy planning. When one passes money on after their death or gifts money during their life, this money is subject [...]

Suspension of Compliance Actions for Taxpayers Serving in a Combat Zone

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While the Internal Revenue Service is one of the strictest agencies in the government, they also understand that certain citizens may be under extreme circumstances that make it difficult for them to deal with tax issues. That’s why the IRS has certain exception policies for those undergoing extenuating circumstances, including those serving in or working with [...]