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  • 25,000+ Cases Resolved Successfully
  • 200,000+ Tax Returns Filed
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They were able to negotiate a $500 settlement with the IRS on my behalf. I have since paid the settlement and no longer owe the debt!
Adis G. from Norfolk, VA
 I was tasked a team to my case, they filed a power of attorney and I never heard from that IRS agent ever again.  3-4 months later, June 9 came around, my offer was approved and now were celebrating Vanguard Tax Relief Day to commemorate the good these guys do!  Great job guys and thank you over and over!!
Michael A. from Memphis, TN
 We amended all my returns, refiled and settled out with the IRS for only $1,068.  I truly don’t know where to begin in thanking Kenneth, and the entire Vanguard team!!  You guys are amazing and I am a client for life!  I have sent over many of my friends and co-workers thus far… keeping them coming.
Alyssia L. from London, England (U.K)
Not 4 months after the initial call, my almost $51,000 debt was settled out for $585.  Those were the toughest times in my life, if it wasn’t for the people at Vanguard I have no idea how I would have made it out of this hole I was in.  Thank you so much guys.
Max E. from Seattle, WA
 We filed an amendment for all the previous years, filed the current year and within 3 months I got a refund check from the IRS for over $39,000 of taxes that I had over-paid the past 3 years.  Thank you to the team at Vanguard!  These guys are tax so professional and knowledgeable.
Geraldo B. from Boston, MA
 Sam had gotten the IRS to accept $1 as the terms of my settlement.  I can’t believe that there are still people left in this world like Sam; to take on my case at no cost, to care, to express compassion and deliver on his promise to me.  I can stand here and say how much I thank you guys for your help.
Daniel L. from Escondido, CA

I just popped in this morning to sign my finalized settlement docs… Wahoo!  You guys did an outstanding job.  I almost can’t believe it!  This is fantastic.  Thank you very much again.

Steven R. from Pasadena, CA
 I was ready to borrow the funds and pay the IRS, but my team fought and negotiated for me, settling for $1,750.  Best phone call I had ever made!  Thanks a ton!  Getting my life back on track would have never been possible without your dedication and support.
Delores H. from Caldwell, ID
3 months after my initial call, I received a letter from the IRS that I definitely did not trash.  It was the acceptance to our offer.  The Vanguard team took my debt of $48,293 and settled it out for $500.  Thank you a million times over…thank you and thank you!
Margaux C. from Austin, TX
Within 20 days they came back to us with amendments to the original returns and a refund check for $51,000 from the IRS and $28,000 from the state of CA.
Eddie V. from Los Angeles, CA
Step by step I was kept in the loop with all the case progress and updates. Each time I would call in, I would get a hold of my case manager with exact updates and progress reports.
Armand M. from Las Vegas, NV
It took me almost 7 years to face my reality before I called Vanguard Tax Relief, and to everyone I’m telling you it was one of the greatest decisions I have made.
Kobe G. from Provo, UT
The fees were so reasonable, the service amazing, and above all the results were magic! They settled out my IRS debt for less than $1000.
Grace K. from New York, NY

Thank you for making this process so simple…from the first call to the last letter I received from the IRS approving my offer, it’s been nothing but amazing dealing with you guys!  Many many thanks!

Todd D. from Los Angeles, CA
I was so impressed with the firm’s command of their tax knowledge; so much so that I have been a loyal client year in and year out for over a decade.
Jose F. from Florence, SC