Re-evaluate your Past Taxes

Vanguard Tax Relief can help you save money on more than just the current year’s taxes. If you have overpaid the IRS in recent years, you can actually request to be reevaluated to get the money returned to you.

Don’t leave money on the table

If you recently prepared your own tax returns you may have calculated incorrectly, resulting in overpaid taxes. You may have also overpaid if your taxes were prepared by an inexperienced tax professional who could have inputted the wrong data, or made careless mistakes. Regardless, tax laws are complicated and ever-changing. Our tax experts at Vanguard Tax Relief have spent years acquiring the knowledge needed to make sure you are paying only the tax you owe and nothing more.

So, it’s always a good idea to have a qualified professional prepare your taxes. But what if you didn’t? You are not completely out of luck– you can demand for your money back from the IRS if you request properly and meet the time deadline. Here at Vanguard Tax Relief, we can review your past tax returns and help you get back any money you may have overpaid.

How long do I have to get money back from the IRS?

You can request money back from the IRS:

  • Within three years of filing a tax return
  • Within three years of an examination change
  • Within two years of making a payment to the IRS

If you are within this deadline and think you may have overpaid the IRS for any reason, Vanguard Tax Relief can help. There are many common tax credits that people don’t realize they can file for, such as education credits and earned income tax credits, as well as more obscure ways to save that might work for your unique circumstances. Whether you may qualify or not, contact Vanguard Tax Relief today to have us review your past taxes and get back every penny you have overpaid.

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