Owe IRS Back Taxes?

When a taxpayer has a tax debt, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will take certain measures to satisfy the back taxes you owe. The IRS can threaten you with a levy on your bank account, a lien to your property, a garnishment of your income and wages, a seizure of your assets, and/or stop previous installment agreements. These actions may have negative effects to your finances and credit if you choose not to to take action today.

Vanguard Tax Relief encourages you to not fall behind on tax payments to avoid the problem that millions of Americans have to deal with everyday. We strive to assist you with recovering from your tax debt, and to ease the burden of being threatened by the IRS. Don’t be afraid of the IRS anymore! Whether you owe less than $10,000 or over $200,000, let us at Vanguard Tax Relief resolve your issues every step of the way.

Tax Problems We Solve!

Our reputable tax relief experts can help you reach an agreement with the IRS. The IRS may enforce the following collective actions to satisfy your back tax debts:

IRS Tax Levy A tax levy is a legal seizure of an entire asset; such your personal and business bank accounts to satisfy a back tax debt.
IRS Tax Lien A tax lien is a public legal notice by the U.S. Government against your property as collateral to satisfy a back tax debt.
Wage Garnishment A wage garnishment is a seizure of portions of your wage, paycheck, or salary to satisfy a back tax debt.

Other Tax Problems we assist with include(s):

Payroll tax debt occurs when the amount of taxes that an employer is required to withhold from their employees do not meet the IRS obligations. The IRS aggressively enforces these taxes, which means you need to get professional assistance if you owe payroll back tax debt.

Unfiled tax returns is a Federal violation to willingly fail to pay a back tax debt. Unfiled tax returns are another non-negotiable area where the taxpayer has to be up-to-date on filing all back taxes before beginning any agreements with the IRS, concerning back tax debts.

Vanguard Tax Relief’s team of accredited tax professionals are committed to the protection of your sensitive financial and personal information. With over 40 years of experience and established IRS compliance, we will work with you to solve any of your tax problem needs.

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