Before you are seeking assistance for your back tax debt, you should take into consideration the many possible advanced tax solutions offered. Fortunately, Vanguard Tax Relief is available to handle all IRS or State tax matter that comes your way and is ready to help you with various tax solutions programs. We will work with you to provide the highest quality of advice, guidance, and representation needed to solve your tax problems.

Our expert tax professionals and tax attorneys specialize in all legal tax solution options available and our philosophy has always been based on the simple idea of offering partnerships versus merely representing clients. Our duty as your tax defense professionals is to educate our clients while offering excellent IRS back tax solutions and other financial services.

Vanguard Tax Relief offers tax solutions through the following:

Audit Representation It is the legal representation on behalf of a taxpayer during an IRS audit.
One of our tax attorneys will attend the hearing on your behalf.
Collection Due Process A legal hearing to contest certain IRS debts. This could benefit you if you believe you do not owe a tax that the IRS is trying to collect from you.
Currently Not Collectible It is an option for people who owe back taxes, but who are currently experience a huge financial hardship.
Innocent Spouse Relief A tax resolution for reducing or abating the back tax liability from your spouse or ex-spouse.
Installment Agreements A tax resolution that allows taxpayers the ability to make monthly payments to satisfy the full balance for their back tax debt.
IRS Tax Levy Releases Stopping the tax levy of an entire asset; such your personal and business bank accounts, which was used to satisfy a back tax debt.
IRS Tax Lien Removals Stopping the tax lien of your personal property that was held as collateral to satisfy a back tax debt.
Offer In Compromise A tax relief solution where the IRS agrees to allow the taxpayer to settle their back tax debt for less than what owe, under specific circumstances.
Payroll Tax Debt Relief Providing relief for taxpayers, or businesses who neglect to pay the required payroll taxes.
Penalty Abatement This refers to the adjustment or elimination of a tax liability such as: the taxes, penalties, or interest.
Statute Expiration The IRS does not have an unlimited amount of time to collect tax debt. Tax laws are such that all debts must be collected within 10 years of being assessed.
Stopping Wage Garnishments Stopping the wage garnishment on portions of your wage, paycheck, or salary to satisfy a back tax debt.
Unfiled Tax Returns Providing alternatives and solutions to the unfiled tax returns that taxpayers, or businesses neglected to pay.

Vanguard Tax Relief’s team of accredited tax professionals are committed to the protection of your sensitive financial and personal information. With over 40 years of experience and established IRS compliance, we will work with you to best possible tax solutions for your specific need.

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