Unfiled Tax Returns

If you have failed to file a tax return for one or more years, it’s important to start getting your taxes in order again by filing as soon as you can. The sooner you file, the fewer interests and penalties you will have. People fail to file their tax returns for multiple reasons. Some people do it because they were deliberately trying to deceive the IRS (if this if you, you should contact an attorney as soon as possible), but more people fail to file because they were overwhelmed, confused, or experiencing a hardship.
Vanguard Tax Relief can help you file your tax returns regardless of the reason you failed to file. Some people fail to file because they could not find the necessary documents. A tax relief expert can help you find the right documents to complete your returns. Whether you negligently forgot to pay your tax or were simply confused, a tax expert can help you get your tax returns filed as quickly as possible to avoid more trouble with the IRS.

Vanguard Tax Relief can help with many different types of late tax returns, such as:

  • Personal (Form 1040)
  • Corporate (Form 1120)
  • Partnership or LLC (Form 1065)
  • Estate (Form 1041)

If you fail to file taxes and the IRS notices, they may file a tax return for you called a Substitute for Return. An IRS-filed tax return will generally cause you to owe more taxes than you would if you’ve had filed on your own. The IRS will assume you do not have any deductions or exemptions causing the higher cost. It’s best to avoid a Substitute for Return and file late returns yourself so you owe as little tax as you are legally allowed to and just pay any penalties.

If you have an unfiled tax return, Vanguard Tax Relief can help. Our tax experts can help you file correctly and as quickly as possible. A tax expert can also help you work out how to pay taxes you owe with your return in a way that works for both you and the IRS. Avoid getting trapped in a cycle of not filing your tax returns and being penalized for it. Contact a tax expert today to get your finances back on track.


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