Audit Representation

There’s no doubt that being audited is a stressful experience, as well as one that everyone hopes to avoid. An audit is an examination of a business or individual’s tax returns and financial information. It is the IRS making sure that you have correctly reported everything you say you have according to tax laws.

Unfortunately, some people and businesses will be audited. The IRS audits individuals when reported documents: don’t match records, when a taxpayer needs to be audited because they are related to someone else’s audit, and (very rarely) because of random selection. If you are audited, you will have to prove your tax records are correct, either through mail or in person.

What if I am Audited?

If you are audited, you can try to handle it yourself. However, it is also your right to receive help from a qualified tax professional. An audit is a stressful time, especially if you are worried that you don’t know how to properly provide the IRS with documentation to defend yourself. Hiring a tax expert like those at Vanguard Tax Relief can help ease your mind. An expert can make sure you do everything possible to minimize having any more trouble with the IRS.

Vanguard Tax Relief offers both audit consultations and full hearing representation. We have licensed tax attorneys that can be sent to represent you at your audit hearing. Our tax attorneys have expert experience with audits and can work with the IRS efficiently. Their knowledge and experience can help you get the best possible audit result.

A tax expert from Vanguard Tax Relief can also help you if you would like to appeal a tax audit. Audits have three results: no change (meaning the audit went perfectly and you owe no new taxes), agreed (meaning the IRS proposes changes based on the audit, including possibly owing more money, and you agree to them), and disagreed (meaning the IRS proposes changes based on the audit but you do not agree to them). If you find yourself disagreeing with the audit findings, you will want to appeal. If you disagree with the IRS findings but could not prove it in your first audit, it’s a good idea to consult a tax professional to help you do so during your appeal.

Vanguard Tax Relief can help you review your documents before an audit, represent you during an audit, or represent you during an appeal. Whatever your audit needs are, a qualified tax expert like those at Vanguard can help make the stress of an audit as minimal as possible.

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