Senate Passes TAX REFORM – What does that mean for you?

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There’s been a lot of buzz around the Trump administration’s tax reform bill this year. Last Saturday, the buzz and rumors around the new bill became reality as the Senate introduced and narrowly passed a new tax reform bill in the early hours of the morning. So, what’s in this new bill and how will it [...]

Tax News: Donald Trump Outlines His Tax Plan

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In a speech given in Springfield, Missouri last week, President Donald Trump announced his plans to majorly reform the tax code. So, what is his plan, and what are its proposed benefits? First, let’s look at the details of Trump’s proposed tax changes. The exact outlines of these changes are not available, as the full plan [...]

Tax Debt and Credit Score Relation

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A good credit score opens up many financial doors. Good credit is the key to getting a loan, such as a home mortgage, an auto loan, or a student loan. In addition to being the main qualifier for a loan, your credit level also determines what kind of interest rate you can get on said loan. [...]

Reasons to file your taxes as early as possible

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Reasons to file your taxes as early as possible The deadline to file your taxes usually falls on April 15th, 2017. This year, taxpayers will have a few extra days to file, because the 15th falls on a Saturday. This will then extend the deadline to file on Monday, April 17th. With that said, you shouldn’t [...]